December 22, 2013

We Took a Homeschool Break and a Hike

In my life this week...

...I didn't accomplish a lot this week. 

I spent a lot of time off-schedule with Lorelai. Lorelai had fallen off her perfect schedule, but is back on it. Yay! In fact, today is Day 3 in this round of goodness. 

I spent far too much time trying to heat my house with a fireplace because the compressor breaker overheated and shut itself down. The rest is a blur. Honestly, it was one of the most unproductive weeks I've had in a while.

Today was a good day. Lorelai and I joined our conservation lands group for a hike. It was a warm, beautiful Florida day. Truly enjoyable. Unfortunately, Alexis wasn't able to attend because she's on the backwards schedule now. 

In our homeschool this week...

.. we took a break. Today's hiking field trip was our only activity. 

My favorite thing this week was…

..spending the night at my daughter's. We sat up talking and laughing until 4 a.m.

..going hiking. Hands down hiking is my favorite thing to do. I just love it. 

Things I’m working on…

...organizing my 2014 blogging and writing projects. I have lots of plans. I just need to get them organized a bit.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

Hiking Hickory Bluff Preserve in Osteen, Florida

A photo collage of our hike to Hickory Bluff Preserve in Osteen, Florida. @tmichellecannon

Check out our discoveries on a hike in Osteen, Florida. We found some neat stuff! #naturestudy #hiking #homeschool @tmichellecannon

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  1. Yay for not getting much accomplished -- but really -- your big accomplishment was spending tha time with your daughter. :-) Merry Christmas, my friend!


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